Open Source Intelligence - OSINT Across Over a Hundred Services

AI-Enhanced Insights Derived from Results

Discover if the Target has been Compromised in known Breaches

OSINT Tool: Precision Discovery & Analysis with AI-Powered Search Engine Insights

OSINT Tool:  Precision Discovery & Analysis with AI-Powered Search Engine Insights

Sherlockeye is a revolutionary tool designed to elevate your research and analysis. By harnessing the combined power of leading search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo, alongside cutting-edge AI language models, Sherlockeye delivers unmatched insights and understanding from your data.

Unlocking OSINT Insights: Visualization Flow for Simplified Data Analysis

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a powerful tool, but the sheer volume of raw data can be overwhelming. That's where Visualization Flow comes in. Sherlockeye transforms complex OSINT data into clear, actionable visual representations.

Unlocking OSINT Insights: Visualization Flow for Simplified Data Analysis
Uncover Hidden Connections with Intelligent Account Discovery Tool

Uncover Hidden Connections with Intelligent Account Discovery Tool

The cutting-edge Intelligent Account Discovery Tool empowers you to uncover a comprehensive view of your target's online presence. This advanced tool doesn't just stop at finding accounts on major platforms like Google, Skype, GitHub, etc.

AI-Powered Digital Footprint Analysis : Discover Hidden Accounts on Social Media, Cloud Storage & Collaboration Platforms

Sherlockeye's advanced AI technology analyzes social media, cloud storage, and collaboration tools to uncover hidden accounts and provide actionable insights for investigations, risk management, and more.

AI-Powered Digital Footprint Analysis: Discover Hidden Accounts on Social Media, Cloud Storage & Collaboration Platforms
Unearth Hidden Info: Data Leak Discovery Tool for Deep & Dark Web

Unearth Hidden Info:  Data Leak Discovery Tool  for Deep & Dark Web

Sherlockeye's Data Leak Discovery Tool empowers you to explore compromised data on the deep/dark web and other sources. Uncover valuable insights and protect your organization from data breaches. The tool allows you to view names, email addresses, phone numbers, creation or update dates, and last known IP addresses.

Historical Data Breach Check: Discover Past Account Compromises

Uncover if personal information or company data was exposed in major data breaches. Our Historical Breach Check tool scans a vast archive of public and dark web leaks, providing relevant information for your OSINT investigation.

Historical Data Breach Check: Discover Past Account Compromises
Domain History Explorer: Reverse Domain Lookup Tool

Domain History Explorer: Reverse Domain Lookup Tool

Uncover historical domain records with Sherlockeye's Domain History Explorer. Use email addresses for reverse lookups, track ownership changes, registrar information, and more.

Public Paste Tracker: Sherlockeye Tool for Pastebin & Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigations

Sherlockeye's Public Paste Tracker is an essential tool for OSINT investigations. Discover sensitive information, leaked data, and hidden clues in public pastes across platforms like Pastebin. Uncover secrets and gain valuable insights with Sherlockeye.

Public Paste Tracker: Sherlockeye Tool for Pastebin & Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigations
Username Intelligence Dossier: Uncover Hidden Profiles

Username Intelligence Dossier: Uncover Hidden Profiles

The Username Intelligence Dossier, a cutting-edge feature of the Sherlockeye platform, is your ultimate tool for uncovering hidden identities online. This powerful solution meticulously scans a vast array of websites and social media platforms, aggregating all available public data associated with a specific username to generate a detailed and insightful dossier.

Foundational Principles

The Cornerstones of Sherlockeye

Privacy Assurance

Your queries are not logged. Given the sensitive nature of your investigations, none of your requests or results are stored.

Stealthy OSINT

We refrain from notifying the target and solely utilize OSINT techniques that avoid alerting them.

No False Positives

Our OSINT methods are frequently reviewed and tested with the aim of delivering quality over quantity of results.

Completely Automated

Sherlockeye is entirely designed for automation, allowing you to save time and avoid unnecessary tasks such as configurations and manual actions.

User-Centric Approach

Sherlockeye prioritizes your experience, aiming to make it as seamless as possible. Through meticulous processes and testing, we ensure you receive not just data, but relevant information with minimal effort on your part.

The Fastest tool

The fastest tool, our engineering intelligence swiftly delivers efficient results. With advanced technology and optimized processes, you get the information you need promptly, without delays.


What Users Are Saying About Sherlockeye

Great! Saved me a lot of time

I've found Sherlockeye's tools to be incredibly valuable in my line of work. Being able to pinpoint and analyze past data breaches and leaks has helped me assess risks more accurately. This, in turn, has allowed me to take proactive measures to safeguard my clients sensitive information.

Arthur G.
Risk Management Consultant

Perfect and Classy tool

Using Sherlockeye's tools has significantly enhanced my work, making it easier and more effective.

David K.
Threat Intelligence Analyst

Great one!

Now I can quickly delve deep into gathering relevant information that I didn't even know I needed about targets, making my investigations more effective than ever.

Ricardo F.
Cyber Security Professional

Nice! I loved it

With Sherlockeye, I can quickly compile detailed profiles based on usernames, uncover past data breaches and leaks, analyze networks for connections, and explore the historical records of domains—all essential aspects of my investigations.

Camila M.
Cyber Investigator


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